Welcome to the web page of  MOSKKITO JUNGLE BAR & LOUNGE, where you can find information about the bar, the decoration, the music, the rolls, the pizzas, the food, various entertainments, tourist information, foreign Money Exchange, cash advance, the T-shirts of collection, the souvenirs, the  “chipilos”, the billiard tables, the darts, the dice game and much more. Moskkito Jungle Bar & Lounge invites you to visit us, see photographs, know about our products and services, leave us some comments and contact us... Welcome again to the jungle web page…. “The one who came to RURRE and didn’t visit the MOSKKITO, didn’t stay in RURRE”.


Since February/2010 you can find us too in The MegaCenter in La Paz City





Avaroa Av., Phone Fax +591-03-8922267, +591-71265474
EMail: moskkito@terra.com
Rurrenabaque, Beni, Bolivia

All rights reserved . Bolivia 2010
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